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Single Unity Production/Batch Production: Aluminium alloy, brass and zinc casting from 100 g to 100 kg.

The following materials are used in the production of casts:

- The aluminium alloys correspond to the European standard EN176 :1998

Al Cu Al Si 10 Mg Al Mg Al Si 5 Cu Al Si 7 Mg Al Si Cu Ni Mg Al Si Mg Ti Al Si(Cu) Al Si

- The Copper alloys correspond to the European standard PN- EN 1982

MO 59 MO 60 MO 80 MO 58 MO 47 MO 54 MO 55 MO 62

- The zinc alloys correspond to European standard PN-80/H-87102 

Z 43A Z 43 Z 105 Z 284 Z 82

We offer casts in their raw state or after machining to specification or from prototypes. The technical projects are prepared by specialists assisted by I.T tools.
Our experience in the foundry business allows us to prepare and execute elaborate technological products to measure (technological documentation, help with the conception, making of prototypes, machining etc) and to undertake other complementary operations, such as, fabrication, thermal treatment, surface protection (paint, anodic oxidization), etc.